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Ever since its creation at the end of the 19th Century in Hawaii, the ukulele has been an instrument that's captured the imagination of people. It has a distinctive, pleasing sound that is unlike any other stringed instrument. Over the years, everyone from Elvis Presley to Eddie Vedder has released songs that feature the ukulele. It's a versatile instrument that can be used for a variety of musical genres, which is also a relaxing instrument to play with friends, perhaps by a campfire.

Mr.Mai,make different and personal Ukulele, the brand belongs to Guangzhou SaFeng Music Co., Ltd, The design concept of "Mr.mai" in 2012, after three years of continuous exploration and Testing, released in the market in 2015.

The creative prototype of Ukulele comes from the love of music, understanding, combined with a series of practice. Founders through the comparison of various types of ukulele, with the level of the user to explore the use of experience, which developed a suitable for all stages of the ukulele learners. From the design,details, selection, with, are injected into the 100% focus and enthusiasm.

Mr.mai,professionally, in the pursuit of perfection in product design, committed to creating a comfortable use of consumers, sounds moving, unique shape Ukes, 2018 is Mr.mai full force of the year, ours team spent years to do research,Check, do experiments, after a lot of repeated detection, full of confidence promote into the market.

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