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How To Choose A MrMai Ukulele

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How To Choose A MrMai Ukulele

The following is a brief description and comparison of each ukulele model (for reference only) ,in order to better choose MrMai! MA30 VS MMA,are all concert ukulele.MA30 is solid mahogany top while MMA is laminate Koa top.Almost similar of the tone although different woods, good choice for ukulele beginners. MA60,solid Mahogany top back&side,sounds better than MA30,there are three colors, depending on which color you prefer to choose! MLT,star model of MrMaiUkulele.It performs very well in all aspects and we would highly recommend this ukulele. MMC/MMT VS MM80,many customers often ask us about the difference between them. In addition to the obvious design differences, MMC and...

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